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Resizing Content Around Pictures/Videos
When you put a picture or video on your page by either using the code snippet I've provided or by selecting one of the "float" position options from the image wizard, you may have run into a scenario such as the following:

In order to link your wiki page to any page outside of this Neurowiki, position your cursor to the location in the text where you would like to place your link then click the "URL link wizard" button in the editor GUI (located in the middle row, 6th button from the right).
You will then be presented with a pop up prompting you to enter some information.
In the "URL" field place the url of the desired webpage (e.g.
Next in the "Anchor text" field enter the text you would like the hyperlink to have (e.g. Google example).
Finally, click the "insert code" button and your link will be generated.

Useful Code Snippets
First is a code snippet to add pictures with titles and captions:

Neurowiki created
I am happy to announce that the 2014 Neurowiki has been created and set up!


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